What is the difference between a Fuel Pressure Gauge and Fuel Rail Pressure Gauge?

A Fuel Rail Pressure Gauge reads the fuel pressure in your diesel truck directly from the common rail to ensure it is running at optimal levels. Neglecting to monitor fuel rail pressure can result in a weak injection pump, fuel filter clogged, leaking rail pressure relief valve or high injector return fuel rate. Fuel Rail Pressure Gauges are only compatible with the 02-16 Chevy and GMC with 6.6L Duramax Engine.

A Fuel Pressure Gauge monitors the fuel pressure from the fuel pump to the fuel rail and or injection pump of the engine. Fuel Pressure Gauges can also help diagnose an overall loss of horsepower. (*A Fuel pressure gauge will only work if an aftermarket lift pump is installed on a 2000-2006 Silverado/Sierra Duramax*)

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