What if the pod is not sitting correctly?

If your complete replacement pod is not sitting correctly, we would suggest removing the pod and ensure you have removed the vehicle's weather stripping before re-installing the pod. If you are still having fitment issues, loosen the mounting hardware slightly, and turn the pod towards the vehicle's windshield. Once the pod is in the correct position, you can tighten down the mounting hardware fully.

If your layover style pod is not seating correctly on the factory pillar, this could cause fitment issues when installing. For proper fitment, we would recommend removing the factory A-pillar trim molding from the vehicle and then lay over the Glowshift pod over top the Factory A-pillar trim. Once the Glowshift pod is aligned correctly on top of the factory A-pillar trim, you can secure it using the provided hardware. Once secure to the factory A-pillar trim, you can then remove the weather stripping of the vehicle door, and then install the Glowshift and Factory A-pillar trim into the vehicle. 

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