What is the difference between the 7 Color Series and the Elite 10 Color Series?

Both the 7 Color Series and Elite 10 Color Series offer gauges featuring stepper motor technology for an incredibility accurate reading.  The 7 Color Series offers 7 solid colors and 2 color cycle modes while the Elite 10 Color Series offers 10 solid colors with 2 color cycle modes. Both Series have a color changing button on the face of the gauge, while the Elite also features a Peak Recall button with adjustable high and low warnings.  The Elite 10 Color Series all feature electronic sending units, while the 7 Color series Boost gauges are mechanical.  Both Series also have a dimmer wire that allows the gauge to dim 30%.


7 Color Series

Elite 10 Color Series

7 Colors - Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, Red, Light Blue, White

10 Colors - Blue, Red, Pink, Green, Orange, Purple, Amber, Light Blue, White, Yellow

Color Change button on face of gauge

Peak Recall button on face of gauge, and Color Change button


Adjustable High and Low Warnings

Visual and Audible

Mechanical Boost Gauge with Hose

Electronic Boost Pressure Sending Unit

Some sensors are plug and play type sensors, some feature thumbscrews for sensor wire

All Plug and Play Sensors

Individual Power Harnesses for each gauge or Power Wires at back of Gauge

Optional Daisy Chain Power Harness for all Gauges or Individual Power Harness for each gauge

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