Do the gauges come with everything I will need for installation?

When purchasing a gauge, it will come with the required pieces for gauge functions.  All gauges feature a ⅛ NPT sensor with the exception of the following:

  • Mechanical Turbo Boost Gauges may come with a ⅛ NPT hose or ⅛ NPT sensor.
  • Narrowband Air/Fuel Ratio gauges feature wires only, which would connect to an existing Single wire Narrowband o2 sensor. However, one is also available for purchase here on our website.
  • 7 Color Series Single Analog Air Pressure gauges and Tinted Series feature a ⅛ NPT Air Line Fitting on the back of the gauge and Power Wires only. This is a mechanical gauge in which the airline/and or fittings are not included.
  • Dual Intake Temperature features two ⅜ NPT sensors.
  • Speedometers, HPOP, and Fuel Rail Pressure Gauges do not come with sensors, Those gauges utilize the factory sensors from the vehicle.
  • Tachometer Gauges do not use sensors, They are designed to connect to the negative side of the coil on a single coil ignition system.
  • With most applications, it is important to figure out where and how you will install the sensor.  GlowShift offers installation instructions with each gauge. From there you would need to ensure that you are able to support the ⅛ NPT sensor.  It may be necessary to ensure thread sizes on your vehicle prior to installation.
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