My button is stuck and I can't change the color of my gauge

The button being stuck on your gauge is normally a simple fix. We see this issue when the Bezel (trim ring) on the front of the gauge is twisted. To fix this issue simply twist the Bezel either left or right depending on which way the button may be facing.  If the button is leaning towards the left then turn the bezel slightly to the right. If it is leaning towards the right then turn it towards the left. Once the button is free you will be able to hear an audible click when pressing it. Please feel free to take a look at this Quick Tip Video or contact our technical support team if you are still experiencing issues or have any additional questions or concerns. 


Another thing that can cause a button to be jammed is if the studs used with a mounting bracket have been overtightened. When this happens they will start to pull out of the gauge causing the internals of the gauge to be misaligned. If this happens all you will need to do is push them back so that the back of the gauge is flat again.

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