What should I do if the color on my gauge keeps resetting after I turn my vehicle off?

If your gauge is re-setting back to the factory Blue color, we recommend taking the following steps: 

The first thing we would suggest checking is the Constant power wire of the gauge power harness. This wire should be going directly to a constant 12-volt power source that has power at all times with the vehicle on and or off.

The second thing we would suggest checking which could cause the issue is low battery voltage. We would recommend checking the vehicle's battery voltage to ensure the battery voltage is not dropping below 11 volts. We would also suggest metering the battery voltage during the start-up process with a multimeter. If the battery is dropping during crank, this could also cause the gauge to reset back to the factory color. Our gauges have a safety built into them to stop drawing from the battery of the vehicle if it determines the battery voltage is low or dropping.

The third thing we would recommend is to have your vehicle’s battery load tested. This can usually be done by any local Mechanic, Automotive Part store, or battery supply shop. When a load test is performed, this will check the cells of the battery internally. If the battery test shows a bad cell, this could mean the battery is going bad and not performing 100%

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