My Pressure Gauge stays pegged out and all the wires are properly connected, what is the issue?

Glowshift Gauges are designed to go to the max pressure when the gauge is experiencing a connectivity issue between the Gauge and Sensor itself. This can mean the sensor is not connected, the harness from the gauge to the sensor is damaged and or the sensor has failed.

The most common issue is the wiring, so we would highly suggest checking over the wiring that goes from the back of the gauge all the way down the sensor. You want to ensure there are no cuts, kinks, burns or other damage done to the harness that could affect the readings or prevent the sensor output from reaching the gauge itself. Then we would suggest unplugging the sensor harness from the sensor and then re-plugging in the harness plug very slowly. After plugging the sensor harness back into the sensor, where the three wires go into the plug there is an orange seal protecting them. Use a small screwdriver and pull down on that seal to ensure there is no trapped air between the plug and the sensor. After checking everything out if you are still experiencing issues, please reach out to our technical support team by phone or email! 

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