Does the Exhaust Gas Temperature Gauge come with everything I need for installation?

The Pyrometer/Exhaust Gas Temperature has the essential components needed for the gauge to be functioning.  

This gauge comes with all wiring and a type K thermocouple probe, as well as the fitting to thread the probe in.  We suggest drilling and tapping the exhaust manifold (please refer to instructions).  This should be everything you need to have the EGT gauge up and running.

GlowShift Gauges offers installation accessories for the Exhaust Gas Temperature Gauge, they are not required however they make the installation easier!


Exhaust Gas Temperature Bracket - GlowShift’s Exhaust Gas Temperature Bracket (EGT) allows you to easily install a 3.5mm diameter EGT probe in your exhaust pipe without having to tap into your pipe. The featured sizes for this EGT bracket are from a minimum of 2 ½" to a maximum of 5 ½" and installation is a breeze as you simply drill a 3/16" hole, insert the probe and clamp it.

Note: Remove 1/8-27 NPT ferrule fitting in order to thread the probe to the bracket.


1/8 NPT Drill and Tap Kit - GlowShift’s 1/8 NPT Drill and Tap Kit is the perfect kit for anyone looking to drill and tap directly into the exhaust manifold or intake manifold. The featured 1/8 NPT Tap is used for tapping thermocouple and boost gauge fitting holes for gauge sensors that will deliver optimum results directly from the source. The size R high-speed steel drill bit’s overall length is 4 3/4 inches with an 118° point that drills the perfect hole to tap into. The cobalt finish increases lubricity and chip flow and can be used in various applications.

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