What customs fees will I be responsible for with UPS Standard Shipping?

International Customers
  • International customers are responsible for any and all customs, brokerage, and import duty fees that are incurred with international orders.
  • These fees are applied and determined by the shipping carrier based on the country the product is being delivered to.
  • GlowShift is not responsible for these charges, and we do not have any further information regarding them.
  • Please do not confuse these charges as additional shipping fees. If you have questions regarding this issue, please contact your local customs office prior to purchase for more information on these fees.
  • All prices are shown in USD.
  • For an updated list of international shipping locations, please visit the international shipping page.
Canadian Customs and Brokerage Fees with UPS Standard Shipping
Canada Customs requires Canadian recipients to pay applicable duties and taxes on each shipment entering Canada. These charges may include PST, GST, HST, duties and other taxes of goods (e.g., excise tax). A brokerage fee is also charged to process shipments and present the requisite customs paperwork to Canada Customs on the importer’s behalf. Your order will be shipped under UPS’s e-Tailer Brokerage Program (eBP), where eligible shipments imported into Canada for non-commercial purposes and valued under CAD $500 shipped via UPS Standard service are subject to a reduced brokerage fee of CAD $10, plus any applicable duties and taxes. Shipments valued at CAD $500 and above and/or being imported to Canada for commercial purposes and/or subject to specialized clearance may incur additional fees. Please be aware that UPS will request payment of these charges at the time of delivery. You have the ability to call UPS ahead of time (1-800-742-5877) to pay these charges, eliminating the need for payment on delivery.
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