Do I need a Signal Filter, or a High Energy Ignition Signal Filter?

A tachometer filter transforms poor, weak or disordered pulse signals and corrects them by stripping out leading or trailing pulse signal interference.

Systems that require a signal filter include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Single coil ignition systems
  • Point style coil ignition systems
  • Historic vehicles with vintage electrical systems and components
  • Vehicles with weak, strained or stressed electrical systems

The H.E.I. Tachometer Signal Filter would be required for an accurate reading on vehicles using a High Energy Ignition System.

If you are unable to determine which Signal Filter is required on your vehicle, please feel free to contact our Technical Support department for assistance. 


Tachometer Signal Filter will only work with GlowShift Gauges and not guaranteed to work with other applications.

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