Where would I install my Transmission Temperature Sensor?

A Transmission temperature sensor can be installed in three different ways. Here are the three installation methods.

  1. Test Port: Some transmission has a port on them called a "TEST PORT." This port was designed for transmission companies to test line pressure inside the transmission. Some transmissions have this port but not all transmissions are equipped with this port. Most test ports are the same size as our sensors, but some ports will require a test port extender adapter. We always suggest that customers check the thread size of their test port before installing the sensor. The sensor is only going to read the temperature of this port location.
  2.  Cooler Line: Another method of installation would be to install a "T" fitting onto the cooler line to get a reading of the fluid going to the cooler. With this method, we do offer three different sizes "T" fittings. We offer a 5/16, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8 "T" fittings. We highly suggest customers check the outer diameter of their cooler lines to determine what "T" fitting will work best. This method will give you the reading of the fluid exiting the trans and going to the cooler to be cooled down before returning to the transmission. Transmission Temperature Adapters discussed in Option 1 and Option 2 can be found here
  3. Sensor into Transmission Pan: The last method and typically the most involved, this method would be to do the temperature sensor adapter kit to the transmission pan and install the sensor directly into the pan for a reading. For this method, it will require you to drain all the fluid in the transmission, remove the pan, clean the pan, drill a hole, add the adapter, and then re-install the pan with new gaskets. It is the most involved method, but this method gives you a reading of the fluid sitting in the pan of the transmission.
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